Solarud NEXTGEN customized (100 pieces)

Solarud NEXTGEN customized (100 pieces)


Water drainage device for solar panels with low angle of inclination. Ideal for preventing dirt from sticking to the solar panel frame.

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× Solarud NEXTGEN customized (100 pieces)


The Solarud CUSTOM NEXTGEN water drain is a device that is connected to the solar unit to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

From December 2022 onwards, all Solarud custom units are based on the new NextGEN design and all feature an anti-reflective design and all the goodness of the Solarud NextGEN unit!

Solarud CUSTOM can be manufactured to fit any size unit in height or thickness depending on your needs. Just give us the specifications of your unit’s frame size and we create the unit like a tailor makes a suit. Regardless of the thickness or height of the frame of the unit. Contact us at

  • Solarud Nextgen has an ANTICLOG design that avoids clogging from dust and sand deposition
  • The Solarud Nextgen has flexible plastic pieces that allow it to fit any frame height between 28 and 40 mm (and thicknesses between 8 and 11 mm).
  • Solarud Nextgen is robust, UV resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 105ºC
  • Solarud Nextgen has a 6 year warranty



The Solarud NextGEN water drain is a device that is connected to the solar unit to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

It is suitable for all frame sizes between 28 and 40mm. And unit frame thickness between 8 and 11 mm.

We always recommend using two pieces of Solarud per solar panel if they are in a vertical position and three if the units are in a horizontal position for best performance.


How the anti-inflammatory works: See here how the anti-inflammatory works

How to install it: See here how to install Solarud


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