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General information

Photovoltaic panels are built to capture abundant and inexhaustible clean solar energy, converting it into electricity. Their smooth and completely flat glass surface guarantees the non-refraction of solar rays and their maximum efficiency.
Keeping the plants in excellent operating condition should be a top priority for PV system owners. The accumulation of dirt will certainly lead to a loss of production at rates that can range from 5% to 25% if local conditions are particularly unfavourable.

Technically correct cleaning

Technically correct cleaning repels dust, pollen, soil, bird droppings, moss, salt and other contaminants, resulting in optimal performance while prolonging the longevity of the systems according to the manufacturer's instructions.


CLEANIQ produces in its facilities with advanced high quality equipment, ultra-pure water, 100% free of salts, chlorine and substances, which provides us with excellent cleaning properties and is suitable for use in cleaning.


01. Rotary cleaning system
We have a rotating fine-wire brush system that works with high-pressure deionized water resulting in high-speed rotation. In this way, dirt is directly removed from the surface of the panels without damaging them and without leaving residues such as spots, salts and streaks.

02. Remote-controlled robotic system
We use a remote-controlled robotic system that allows us speed in the completion of cleaning and work in difficult installations due to the slope or location, achieving precise and effective cleaning.

03. Water Treatment Systems Portability
We operate with the ability to carry portable water treatment systems (softeners, reverse osmosis and deionizers) and provide flexibility in the production and use of 100% deionized water for purification by operators.
your investment.


Technology and qualified staff

At CleanIQ we focus responsibly on the correct, reliable and ecological cleaning of photovoltaic collectors with environmentally friendly solutions, without the use of chemicals and reduced water consumption systems.
Our highly trained staff and the advanced equipment we use are our allies in creating a customized cleaning plan together according to your needs, with the aim of preventing, protecting and maximizing the return on your investment.