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Substrate - Soil Maintenance: Maintaining safe functionality

It is important to keep the ground of PV parks in excellent condition to achieve maximum efficiency, reduce the risks of accidents associated with working in the park and prevent ignition and fire hazards.

The clearing and removal of grass from the park area is one of the practices for the proper and safe operation of the facility and highlights it as a perfectly thoughtful investment.


Maintaining a vacuum underneath the photovoltaic panels is essential to improve their performance and lifetime. This empty space helps to dissipate heat and cool the panels, allowing them to operate at high efficiency.


In addition, vacuum maintenance can reduce the risk of moisture formation and improve the performance of PV panels in areas with humid climates, while reducing the corresponding maintenance costs.

We offer grass cutting and grass removal services, understanding the importance of environmental protection and strictly adhering to the regulations and guidelines to limit the impact of our operations on the natural environment.

We recycle grass or organic materials, following the procedures for recycling. These materials are intended for investment either in green development projects or in the agricultural sector.

We have specially trained staff, we use the machinery and tools of our company with efficiency and can thus ensure the proper execution of our services.

We invest in innovative equipment and processes for excellent results. We observe modern ways of recycling and reuse of residues and organic materials.

CleanIQ's mission is to provide high quality services and we are always willing to adapt our services to the needs of our clients.