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High quality services for cleaner energy production

CleanIQ specialises in the cleaning of solar energy projects and substrate maintenance in parks, in order to help investors maximise their return on investment (ROI)

We offer economically viable, reliable and environmentally friendly services We always seek to create a sustainable future for energy investments and environmental protection.

We know that the use of energy from environmentally clean sources is a key pillar for the creation of a modern and energy-efficient society. In doing so, we reap invaluable benefits for the economy, the environment, people and future generations. Investing in sustainable energy is one of the main ways to drive sustainable development and meet the environmental challenges we face today.

We are committed to a cleaner energy transition by empowering our people, customers and communities to make full use of our capabilities, achieving multiple benefits. To be able to improve the energy efficiency of their investments, to maintain the protection and longevity of green energy production systems and to prevent negative environmental impacts.


Cleaner, more efficient!

We seek to provide a complete cleaning system with modern methods, with advanced equipment, specially designed for the cleaning of photovoltaic parks. We have the expertise and the highly trained staff We make sure to create a cleaning plan always in consultation with our customers and with respect to their investment and adapt it to your every need.

We use 100% deionized water free of chlorine, substances and salt contaminants to clean the photovoltaic panels. This water ensures maximum cleaning efficiency without the use of chemicals and without the risk of corrosion or damage to the systems.

In addition, the clearing of grass is important for cooling and avoiding moisture accumulation on the surface of the photovoltaic panels, as this can cause a significant reduction in their efficiency. Incorporating a process of collection and collection of grass for recycling is also our practice to protect the environment and biodiversity, but also to reduce the risk of fire.

The loss of power generated due to pollutants is often underestimated.

For CLEANIQ the concept of responsibility for the completion of each project undertaken is inextricably linked to sustainable development and cleaner green energy We serve values with respect for nature, applying good cleaning practices that help reduce the negative impact of energy supply on the environment and human health.


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